Subscriber Benefits

Become a voice and leader in developing stormwater solutions. Gain direct access to stormwater leaders and policy makers. Participate in developing cutting edge tools and techniques and/or be the first to use them

Subscribers of the SWI will have special benefits including:

  • SWI Subscriber names will be included in official SWI publications
  • Receive special recognition at WEFTEC and SWI events
  • SWI webpage will provide links to SWI Subscriber websites
  • Participate in SWI Program priority setting
  • Participate in SWI Services priority setting
  • Participate in SWI bi-annual State of Stormwater Report
  • Receive invitations to participate in SWI special events
  • Attend special SWI Subscriber invitation only networking events with MS4s and decision makers
  • Receive regular updates on SWI programs and other targeted stormwater communication
  • Participate in SWI work teams to develop or review SWI products and services
  • Receive World Water Stormwater Management magazine at no additional cost
  • Ability to propose or participate in SWI Targeted Stormwater Projects (TSP)
  • Receive briefings on SW legislative issues
  • Participate in  providing technical input on SW related rulemaking
  • Participate in WEF Congressional Fly-In event

Current SWI projects include:

How to become a subscriber:

The Stormwater Institute has five subscriber categories at the organizational level:

  • Commercial/Industrial Permit,
  • Municipal/Utility,
  • Technology/Service Provider,
  • Non-Governmental, and
  • Governmental.

Below are the subscriber forms for all five categories.  Please complete the appropriate form, and for subscriber questions or assistance, contact Rebecca Arvin-Colon, Stormwater Programs Senior Manager, at or 703-684-2400 Ext. 7017.