The WEF Stormwater Institute

The Water Environment Federation (WEF) Stormwater Institute is a center for excellence and innovation focused on developing best-in-class solutions to stormwater runoff and wet weather issues. The institute is able to draw from the broad diversity, expertise, and engagement of the WEF membership, which is the largest and most informed clean water-solutions membership in the world. The institute is identifying cross-cutting issues, convening experts to tackle those issues, providing insights and leadership to policymakers, and helping chart a new course toward a healthier and more sustainable stormwater system in the U.S. and beyond.

Stormwater is the only growing source of water pollution in many watersheds across the country. As urban areas grow and severe weather becomes more common, the issue of stormwater management will only escalate in importance.

The growing issue of stormwater pollution coupled with regulatory pressure is driving the need for innovative approaches, training, technology solutions, and progressive financing. As such, there is a clear need for national leadership and collaboration to help forge the path to more sustainable stormwater management.

The WEF Stormwater Institute focuses on addressing critical stormwater management issues as a means to protect public health and the environment. It serves as a conduit for information and feedback between the stormwater and regulatory communities. It benefits many stakeholder groups, including:

  • Municipal agencies with responsibility for managing stormwater;
  • Individual stormwater and green infrastructure practitioners;
  • Technology providers;
  • Academics and researchers;
  • State and federal regulators; and
  • Regional and state stormwater organizations.

This hub for technical information, networking, and policy advocacy expands on and leverages ongoing and proposed WEF programs. It focuses on developing technical tools, communication strategies, professional training, and networking opportunities for stormwater practitioners worldwide.

With the support of dedicated industry experts, WEF is a proven leader in the stormwater sector — providing access to stormwater news, education, and training opportunities, as well as policy support and advocacy. The WEF Stormwater Institute fills the vacuum of national stormwater leadership and advances the support of professionals in a water sector poised for major growth.

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