Opportunities for SWI Subscribers To Become Involved

One of the benefits of being a SWI Subscriber is the opportunity to participate in Work Teams that help define, review, test, and/or implement projects. Each project will have different needs and some will have different phases of opportunity. The needs for each project will be defined as the projects are set up.

This opportunity is available to any employee of a SWI Subscribing organization. Please share this information throughout your organization to identify those who might be interested and have the best knowledge to help create the most successful projects. If you have interest or would like more information, please contact Rebecca Arvin-Colon at rarvin-colon@wef.org.

The current opportunities for Work Team members are:

  • Stormwater Education and Outreach
  • Stormwater Policy
  • MS4 Awards
  • MS4 Survey

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